The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert | A Fairytale Mystery

The Hazel Wood was one of my most anticipated releases of the first half of 2018 and I’m so incredibly grateful I got a digital ARC from the publisher through Netgalley! I found reviewing this book really difficult because I loved it so, so much and wanted to do it’s wonderful-ness justice with my review, but then my review was all brain farts and word vomit and zero sense! But finally, many rewrites later, I finally have a spoiler free review to share with you! Read more

My Struggles With Bookstagram

I usually “rant away” on my Tumblr, but as I was typing up this one, I felt like it wasn’t enough to just post it on there. Here’s the thing: I love Bookstagram. I absolutely love creating beautiful photos for both my blog and my IG. However, I’m also really struggling with the platform. If you follow me, you might know I’ve been posting terribly inconsistently. Until recently, I couldn’t quite put my finger on why I struggled so much.Then I read this thing on Twitter and I was like “Ooohh…” It’s not just one thing that bothers me or that I struggle with. There’s more. Read more

Everless by Sara Holland | An Epic Fantasy With Time as Currency

I don’t usually write blog reviews for the audiobooks I listen to, but you guys seemed to be interested in my thoughts on Everless by Sara Holland so I thought I’d share them! Another reason I really wanted to share this review, is because it’s an absolutely amazing book! Honestly, I would spend my precious blood irons to get myself a copy. I already got one in my Audible library but just look at that gorgeous cover! Anyway, I hope my review can convince you to pick up this book. As always, it’s spoiler free!
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Waiting on Wednesday: The Queen’s Rising by Rebecca Ross

You all probably I know I love adventurous books with castles, secret identities, and girls with swords, right? Well, The Queen’s Rising by Rebecca Ross is one of them, and I really just cannot wait for its release! This Epic Fantasy is inspired by Renaissance France and follows and outcast who’s bound to a disgraced lord and entangled in his plot to overthrow the king! Sounds epic, doesn’t it?!  Read more

The Liebster Award & The Real Neat Blogger Award

EEEEEKK! I’m so excited! I was nominated for The Real Neat Blogger award by Sophie @ Books Like Wolves and then for the Liebster Award by Fanna @ Fannatality! I always feels so honoured being nominated for things like this and it means so much to me! I’d done the Liebster Award once before, but it’s been a while so of course I’m doing it again! Since both awards are essentially the same, I’ve decided to combine them! Read more

International Bookworms: Favourite Local Publishers

Our second International Bookworms prompt is all about local publishers! We probably all know the big US/UK publishers like Harper Collins, Pinguin and Bloomsbury, but what do we know about publishers in other countries? Well, I don’t know very much about them. In all honesty, I don’t even know all publishers in the Netherlands! I have three favourite local publishers and, of course, I’ll be talking about them today.
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Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones

Dark, romantic and unforgettable? Goblins?! Well… The first part of the synopsis of Wintersong really got my attention, but then I read “goblins” and I was like what? But then I started thinking about it (and I kept looking at the beautiful cover) and I actually found myself interested! I was a little scared I wasn’t going to like it, but I actually love it so much in the end!
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ARCs: Are We Hyping Them Up Too Much?

I have a love-hate relationship with Advanced Reader Copies. They’re great! Professional readers (bloggers, booksellers, librarians) can read books ahead of publication so that once they come out (or even before that!), they can talk about those books and help promote them to the best of their abilities. But there’s also a downside: they’re really exclusive and usually only available to US and UK bloggers. Especially for international bloggers, it can be nearly impossible get one! I’m eternally grateful for the few eARCs I do receive, and I love reading them, but I also feel like there’s a lot of problems when it comes to ARCs.  Read more

Behind the Books: January ’18

Life is a bit crazy at the moment, that’s for sure. For the first time in months, I actually struggled writing this post. So much has happened and I don’t really know where to start! I started at my new job, of course, and I finally managed to get some new books. Oh, right! There was also Christmas and New Year’s Eve… I have so much to talk about! Let’s just dive straight into the post. Read more

How To Get The Best Out Of Your eReader App

I’ve been reading a lot of eBooks since last year. When money is tight, it’s just the least stressful way to get books. I have this “rule” where I don’t buy any Kindle/eBooks over €5 and that’s so easy to do with services like Bookbub. Since I’ve been reading so many eBooks and eARCs, I’ve learned to get the best out of my eReader apps. The reason I’m talking about apps specifically is because they work a bit differently than eReaders. Anyway, here’s some of the things I learned and you might not know about! Read more