International Bookworms: To Be Translated

Welcome, welcome, welcome! As you may (or may not) know, I’ve created a brand new book blogger meme called International Bookworms. The meme was created to promote and support international book bloggers! There will be a new theme/prompt every two weeks and more info can be found on the meme’s page. The first prompt is all about the (English) books we wished would be translated to our own language. If you want to link up your own post, you can do so at the bottom!

To Be Translated. (What books would you like to see translated by a local publisher? If you’re in an English country: what books would you like to see published locally?)

Victoria Schwab’s Books
Victoria Schwab’s books are my absolute favourites and I actually cannot believe they haven’t been published in the Netherlands yet! Shades of Magic was my favourite trilogy I read in 2017 and the Monsters of Verity books are just so incredible!

An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson
This was my most anticipated debut of 2017 and I’ve read It twice now because I simply just love it so much! It’s still quite a new book so maybe it’ll be published by a Dutch publisher this year, but I honestly doubt it. They’re really quick with translating new books if they do translate an English book, and I just feel like this is one of those books that’ll fly under their radar. It’s such a shame, really. Plus, it’s a standalone! Like, they wouldn’t have to publish an entire series or anything!

Jodi Meadow’s Books
The Orphan Queen and The Mirror King are two of my all time favourite books and Before She Ignites was incredible as well! I just cannot believe Jodi hasn’t been published in the Netherlands yet. I mean, she also wrote the Incarnate trilogy so it’s not like TOQ was her first book?! I kind of understand this as I feel like she’s not the most popular author, but I love her books so much!

The Kiss of Deception
Woah, woah, woah. I listened to this book last year and it was INCREDIBLE. I really loved it and I feel like it’s quite a well known book? Or maybe that’s just me… Anyway, I don’t understand how Dutch publisher’s continue to not-publish incredible books?!

The Bone Witch
Erm, guys… I’m starting to see a theme here. These are like… all fantasy. OOPS. Thinking about it… It often seems as if Dutch publishers translate more contemporary than fantasy. I feel like you either love or hate The Bone Witch, but I’m one of those people who really loved it. It’s such an original story!