Finishing Harry Potter… | My Experience Reading the Books

In March 2016, I bought my first Harry Potter book on a whim. In January, nearly two years later, I started reading the last one.  I grew up with the movies and loved them but I had never read the books before. It was such a wonderful journey, and I decided to dedicate a blog post to it. I haven’t actually finished the final book yet because I had to prioritise some other books for blogging and such. This post is not really about finishing Deathly Hallows and the series, though. It’s about my experience reading this books over the last two years.

There are a few reasons why it’s taken me so terribly long to finish the series. First of all, I read like nine Shadowhunter books in a row back in 2016 and that was the worst decision I’ve ever made! I struggled through the last few books and it really made me dislike the series a bit. I didn’t want that to happen to Harry Potter, so I decided to take it slow. I read the first three books in 2016, books four to six in 2017 (I actually finished book six on December 31st, 2017!) and I hope to finally finish Deathly Hallows in April.

I got all the books in various places. I bought the first book kind of on a whim in my favourite bookshop in Rotterdam. I saw the UK paperback edition illustrated by Jonny Duddle and it was too cute to put back on the shelf! I’m pretty sure I got Chamber of Secrets there as well. I can’t really remember where I got Prisoner of Azkaban and Goblet of Fire from, but I remember struggling so much to find the right edition of GoF in shops! I bought Order of the Phoenix at the Harry Potter pop-up shop at Utrecht Central Station and that’s such a special memory, because I lived near Utrecht at that time and it feels like a memorabilia from that time. I got Half-Blood Prince at my local bookshop from some Christmas money soon after I got hired at my current job and it was such a lovely day. I’d been going through such a hard time back then and it was such a great feeling just going out and buying a book. Then I finished it in like three days to finish my 2017 reading challenge and it was crazy!  Then I ordered Deathly Hallows book at Amazon (it’s probably the only one I ordered online!) and it’s just wonderful to think of all the memories attached to these books.

The books made me want to rewatch the movies and I got the DVD box set as well. Funny story: I’d never watched the Deathly Hallows movies! *audible gasp* I’d seen up until Half-Blood Prince (in the cinema, no less!) and though it had ended there. Or, like, I don’t know… I’d seen so many GIFs of the Deathly Hallows movie (and read all the spoilers, probably) but I’d just never watched them… Which still sounds insane. Anyway, I’ve watched them and now they’re like my favourite HP movies!

Anyway, I absolutely LOVE the Harry Potter series. I got an illustrated edition for Christmas and I’m hoping to get the others sometime this year as well. I’m also about to start collecting all the other HP books that are out there (like Tales of Beedle the Bard, I’m so excited about that one!) and I hope to listen to them on audiobook someday because that would just be so magical! It’s not as if I didn’t like Harry Potter before, but I can see why everyone is still so in love with this series! I’ve definitely fallen in love with the Wizarding World and it’s a world I’ll definitely be going back to time and time again.

Have you read the Harry Potter series? What’s your favourite book? Did you read them when you were little, or did you read them later on, like me? Let’s chat!