International Bookworms: Bookish Road Trip

International Bookworms is a bi-weekly meme created by me to support and celebrate international bookworms! Today, it’s all about road trips! I went on road trips through Germany and France for nearly half my life and I miss it so, so much. There’s just something about being on the road and seeing lots of new places, I guess. Anyway, for today I decided to give road trips a little bookish twist! I’ve made a list of both real and fictional places I’d love to visit on a road trip.

What bloggers and bookshops would you visit? (What fictional locations would you travel to? What city do you want to go to because you read about them in books?)

At the top of my list, there’s London. Mostly because of the Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare. Less than a year after I first visited the city, I read the trilogy and I just wished I’d read it the year before! I would’ve visited all the places, like the Blackfriar’s Bridge! Ever since reading those books, I’ve been kind of “planning” a London trip to do some sort of Infernal Devices tour. How cool would that be?! It’s more of a city trip than a road trip, but it’s still a trip, right?

A fictional place I would LOVE to visit, is New Reynes from Ace of Shades by Amanda Foody. I know, I know, you won’t be able to visit and leave without being abso-bloody-lutely corrupted, but AoS is my latest obsessesion and the city is just SO cool! I’ll try my best to avoid the House of Shadows, though… Hehe!

Another real place I’d love to visit is New York. Not just the city, but the state as well. I guess the “state as well” part happened when I read The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert! Alice and Finch go on a trip through New York to find the Hazel Wood estate and it sounds so wonderful?! Like, in a wicked and messed up way wonderful? Lots of books I love are (partially) set in NYC, and I’d just LOVE to go there one day. Whether on a bookish trip or not, I’ll see New York ONE DAY!

Ketterdam (and the entire Grisha world) cannot be forgotton on this list, either! I’m realising a pattern here… CITIES! I’m such a city person that I need to visit any and every city out there, even when they’re fictional… Anyway, I recently read almost all of the Grisha books and I’m in love!

I want to end the list with one more fictional place, and that’s Aecor from the Orphan Queen by Jodi Meadows! You all probably know right now that TOQ is one of my all time favourite books so OBVIOUSLY I need to visit. Who knows, maybe when i finally get there, the wraith will be gone and I can also go see the Indigo Kingdom!? A girl can dream, right?

What (fictional) places would you visit on a bookish road trip? Link your post down below or leave a comment!