A Beginner’s Guide to Audiobooks #6: Favourites & Recommendations

I’ve told you guys a whole lot about audiobooks over the past few weeks. If you’ve read all the posts: Thank you so, so much! I really hope that this has been useful for you! If you’ve missed it, no problem! I’ve linked all the posts down below so you can always catch up. This last post is going to be full of recommendations and my favourite audiobooks! I hope you’ll love them if you ever decide to pick them up. Read more

A Beginner’s Guide to Audiobooks #5: Activities & Audiobooks

Can't sit still when you're listening to audiobooks? No worries, I got you covered! Here's a bunch of activities you can do while listening to a book!Listening to audiobooks can be a real challenge when you’re the kind of person who can’t just sit still and do nothing. I’m the sort of person who could just stare out the window for an hour, but I can totally imagine if you’re not! A while ago I listened to so many audiobooks that eventually I just got bored. I started thinking of more things to do than just sit and listen, so today I’m giving you a list of activities to do while listening to your book. Read more

A Beginner’s Guide to Audiobooks #4: Listening Experiences

I’m getting a little more personal in this part of my audiobook series, since it will be all about my personal experiences with listening to audiobooks! I’ve listened to quite a few over the past year or so and I’ve definitely struggled with some of my choices. There’s other times that I could literally shriek with joy over how much I loved an audiobook. Basically, I’ve had a whole bunch if different experiences and I want to share them with you.¬† Read more

A Beginner’s Guide to Audiobooks #3: Narrator’s & Sound Effects

Narrators can make or break your listening experience. The author could’ve written a book that’s 100% your match, but if you don’t like the narrator it could really be less enjoyable to listen to a book. Something that could make it more enjoyable, though, is a cast of multiple narrators for one book, and sound/special effects. This post will be about all those things, so I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Read more

A Beginner’s Guide to Audiobooks #2: Subscription Comparison

Last week I published the first part my audiobook series, it’s all about the basics to audiobooks. That post turned out to be way longer than I expected so I decided to make a little series out of it and dive deeper into all there is to know about audiobooks. Today will be all about the different subscriptions services you can use to listen to your favourite books! Since I’ve only used three so far, I’ll only be discussing Audible, Storytel and Scribd. Read more

A Beginner’s Guide to Audiobooks #1: Basics

I absolutely¬†love¬†audiobooks. I started listening to them when I had a trail subscription on Storytel and I instantly fell in love with listening to books. But to be quite honest, I had no clue how to get my hands on an audiobook before that and I felt like audiobooks just weren’t for me. Obviously I proved myself wrong, because by now I’ve listened to a whole lot of incredible audiobooks. I wouldn’t say I’m experienced or know it all, but today I’d like to share my “guide” to finding and listening to audiobooks. This is only part #1 of a series, as the post turned out way longer than expected! I hope you’ll enjoy the series and that it’s useful for you! Read more