Book Babble: Movie Adaptations

Movie adaptations; sometimes I love 'em, sometimes I hate 'em. Want to know what I really think? Let's discuss some books and movies!There was a time when the only books I read were those from the movies I watched. ┬áSince last year, I’ve been reading books that haven’t been turned into movies and I love them so much more! Movie adaptations intrigue me. Sometimes they’re amazing, sometimes they’re not. But people’s opinions on those movies are what’s most interesting to me. Read more

Book Babble: eBooks vs. Physical Books

Some people love eBooks, others don't even want to think about them. I personally love physical books, but I like eBooks as well!I can almost hear the sighs and the “could you be any more original?!” questions now, but the eBook vs. Physical Book opinions/discussions are so interesting to me! I absolutely love physical books because they fill up my shelf so beautifully, but I like eBooks because I can read them on my phone or iPad and don’t have to carry any extra weight. Basically, I love both, but keep reading if you want to know why! Read more

Book Babble: The Definition of Good & Bad

Is there a real definition of good and bad when it comes to books? I don't think so! I talk all about it in my new Book Babble!I’m in a Dutch YA group on Facebook. A while back, instead of asking what book everyone thought was best, this person asked about the worst. Someone left a comment saying good and bad is different for each reader, and I agree. Since then, I actually started thinking about it a lot. What are the definitions of good and bad when it comes to reading? Short answer: there is no real definition! Read more

Book Babble: Why I Don’t Read Dutch

Book Babble: my words for what others might call a discussion! Today I want to talk about why I read in English instead of Dutch. Book Babble: my words for what others might call a discussion. In my first Behind The Books post, I talked about how I “stopped” reading Dutch books and switched to English. Being a Dutch book blogger in the Netherlands who only reads English can be quite complicated, but it’s all worth it! I do occasionally pick up a Dutch book, but it’s quite rare! Today I want to talk about why I don’t read Dutch.  Read more