The Bookish Bulletin: August ’18 | What A Crazy Month!

Whew! How is it September already? I swear to the bookish gods I missed the last day of August? Not that being a few days late with my Bookish Bulletin is a crime, but I was surprised to find I hadn’t worked on it yet while I should’ve done that… Oops? Life has just been crazy! Anyway, I’ve got a lot to tell you, so let’s just dive right in.

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The Bookish Bulletin: July ’18 | SURPRISE, I’M BACK!-ish?

Hi y’all! After my latest posts, I went a bit quiet again. My days consisted of work, re-watching Queer Eye and waiting for my online orders to arrive in the mail… Yay? One package that wasn’t actually an online order – more like a repair – arrived today and it was my monitor! I could’ve blogged perfectly fine on my MacBook alone (and I actually did!) but just having this thing on my desk and having cleaned up my room has helped me so much to get back into being productive. I WANT to sit at my desk and working. Plus, the heat has toned it down a liiiittle bit, which makes me feel a lot better, to say the least. Anyway, here’s my wrap up, TBR, personal update & more!
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If You’d Like to Know Where I’ve Been…

Today’s post was a difficult one to write. I have so many things on my mind that I want to share with you guys but I just don’t know how. I don’t want this to be a rambly complaint kind of post! You’ve probably noticed my absence (but I won’t blame you if you didn’t) and I just want to try and explain why I’ve been gone for so long. I don’t think this will be a “fun” post, but I need to get this off my chest. Read more

The Bookish Bulletin: May ’18 | Celebrating Two Years of Blogging & More!

Well, hello everyone! I feel like I haven’t written anything new in FOREVER!? I actually haven’t been reading all that much either… Anyway, more on blog and life things in a bit! I want to introduce you to my new monthly feature: The Bookish Bulletin. I used to have a separate TBR, wrap up and monthly personal update (Behind the Books) and I realised how much work that actually is? I also read a lot of these kinds of “combined” wrap ups and I loved them so much, I tried to do it myself! It’s still a bit of a work in progress, but I hope you’ll enjoy reading this (somewhat very long?) post! Read more

Behind the Books: April ’18

Thank goodness for the ability to schedule posts in advance, because I’m currently in Germany and I just couldn’t wait to share this month’s Behind the Books! March and April have been the best in terms of blogging. Besides blogging, life was pretty crazy as well. I mean, I visited like two colleges in one month and then I signed up for one and…. *breathes* Oh, and I NEED to tell you about my obsession with The Greatest Showman because I am OBSESSED. (In case you hadn’t noticed.) Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy today’s post!
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Behind the Books: January ’18

Life is a bit crazy at the moment, that’s for sure. For the first time in months, I actually struggled writing this post. So much has happened and I don’t really know where to start! I started at my new job, of course, and I finally managed to get some new books. Oh, right! There was also Christmas and New Year’s Eve… I have so much to talk about! Let’s just dive straight into the post. Read more

Behind the Books: December ’17

The past month has been absolutely crazy in both the worst and best way possible! I talk all about it in my monthly Behind the Books post.

The first draft of this post was an absolute mess. It was to be expected, as I had an absolute mess of a month. In a good way, though. Or, in the best way, actually! The last two weeks of November were extremely difficult, but things really turned around for me in December. Honestly, I just cannot wait to share it all with you guys, so let’s dive straight into my monthly personal update. Read more

Behind the Books: November ’17 | It Was My Birthday!

Hi ya’ll! I haven’t been very active on the blog or my Twitter, but I’ve got some things scheduled for the next couple weeks so I guess I can sort of say that “I’m back!” I’m not gonna lie, the past month has been a bit of a struggle. Things are looking up now, though, and I guess that’s what matters! Anyway, I’ve got some exciting things to share today. so let’s just go straight into the blog! Read more

Behind the Books: October ’17

Happy Monday, ya’ll! I have a love-hate relationship with Mondays, even though I don’t go to school or work anymore… Weird, huh? Anyway, I think we all should have a more positive attitude towards Mondays. Mine were certainly better when I thought of all the fun things that could happen in a brand new week! Oh gosh, look a me babbling about unimportant stuff! Let’s get on with my personal update, shall we? Read more