Behind the Books: September ’17

I considered not posting this month’s personal update because I’m not feeling too well, but then I found I’d already written 99% of it and decided to still hit the publish button anyway! As usual, I write a little about the blog, my personal life and my current reads! This month I also mentioned some of my favourite music, a videogame and a movie you should definitely watch!
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Behind the Books: August ’17

Hiya! We’re halfway through the month, which means it’s time for a new Behind the Books post. I’m finally back to my somewhat regular schedule and I’m really into it again! I’ve been struggling for a while – sometimes I still am – but it’s nice to see how things are paying off. Anyway, as usual I talk about the blog, my personal life and my current reads. Happy reading! Read more

Behind The Books: July ’17

I didn’t do a Behind the Books last month because I was on holiday, so a personal update is pretty much way overdue! I had prepared one, but editing on my iPad didn’t work out at all and I decided I’d just skip it. No worries, though, in this post I’ll catch you up on my blog, general life stuff, books I bought over the past two months and what I’m currently reading!
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Behind the Books: May ’17

¬†Can you even believe it’s May and this is only my first Behind the Books in 2017?! It’s crazy! Outrageous! *hides in corner* I have so much to tell you guys! I had planned for this to go up a few days earlier, but unfortunately my health wouldn’t allow it. Since it’s been so long since I done a Behind the Books post, I’m only going to take about the past few weeks or so, what happened before that isn’t really important. Anyway, get nice and comfy with a nice big cup of tea (coffee’s fine too!) and enjoy!
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Behind the Books: December ’16

This is my very last Behind the Books post for 2016! How crazy is that? In December's BtB, I talk about the blog, my life and my current reads!Whew, how is it December already?! January feels like only yesterday… Anyway, I am so sorry I didn’t do a Behind the Books posts for November! I wasn’t really blogging at all and decided to focus on planning and preparations instead of rushing to get things published. There are so many fun things coming up! I really needed this kind of break to think about things. But enough for now, here’s what I’ve been up to the past month or so!
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Behind the Books: October

Behind the Books OctoberWhew… Can you believe it’s October already? Also, can you believe were halfway through the month? I woke up on Sunday morning thinking “Oh hey, I’m sure it’s like the fourteenth or something, let’s write my Behind the Books post!” But then I checked my phone and came to the shocking conclusion it was the sixteenth! If you’ve been following my blog, you know it’s quite dead-ish lately. Even my Twitter is dead! I’ll explain everything in this post!
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Behind the Books: September

Behind the Books SeptemberBefore I continue with my monthly personal update, I have some important-ish news to tell you guys! I’m taking a little break. You might have noticed how there was no Top Ten Tuesday post yesterday, and how my posts don’t show up on social media anymore. I explain it all in this post, but I felt like I needed to get this out of the way first. Now let’s move on to more fun stuff, like all the great stuff that has happened to me over the past month. Read all about it in my new Behind the Books post!
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Behind the Books: August

Behind the Books AugustI’m about to tell you the craziest thing, and I’m super excited about it; Today is my first day interning at a Dutch publisher! As you might know, I schedule all my post, so when this is published I’ll be at work! I’m writing this a few days ahead and it’s crazy to think about. Real life is about to begin again! But, before I go back to internship and college, I had the past full month off and I spend my time¬†working on the blog! Read more