International Bookworms: Change of Scenery

Hey guys, I hope you don’t mind I was a liiiiittle bit late announcing the upcoming prompts for the International Bookworms meme! It’s been a real struggle coming up with ideas lately and I have to admit I lost my excitement about it for a little while. There’s an announcement about that at the bottom of this post, so please take some time to read it! Anyway, today’s prompt is “Change of Scenery”. Imagine your favourite book, except it’s set in your own country or area! How cool would that be? I’ve taken a few books and “changed” their setting to the Netherlands. I hope you’ll enjoy it! Read more

International Bookworms: Bookish Road Trip

International Bookworms is a bi-weekly meme created by me to support and celebrate international bookworms! Today, it’s all about road trips! I went on road trips through Germany and France for nearly half my life and I miss it so, so much. There’s just something about being on the road and seeing lots of new places, I guess. Anyway, for today I decided to give road trips a little bookish twist! I’ve made a list of both real and fictional places I’d love to visit on a road trip. Read more

International Bookworms: Dream Library

I’ve been excited about this week’s International Bookworms prompt for what feels like ages, oh my goodness! I didn’t actually think of it myself, because Fanna @ Fannatality suggested this one! I never go to the library because they’re actually really expensive and they don’t have English books anyway (plus I like to actually own my books without having to return them, hehe!) Anyway, libraries ARE exciting and today is all about dream libraries. I hope you guys will have fun with this prompt, here’s mine! Read more

International Bookworms: Life of an International Book Blogger

Are you getting familiar with the International Bookworms meme yet? I hope you are because we’re back with a new prompt and it’s just so exciting! Today’s all about the life of international book bloggers. I already cannot wait to read everyone’s post because this is such a wide topic and you can go in so many directions with this one! But first, let’s get into my own post. Don’t forget to link up your own post, by the way! Read more

International Bookworms: The Netherlands in YA

Isn’t it awkward when you fail at your own meme? I guess it’s just really bad beginner’s luck on my part, and I am so sorry! You might have done today’s prompt already, but feel free to still link it up anyway, because I really want to read your posts! Anyway, today’s prompt is all about your own country in English books. I live in the Netherlands, so I’ll be discussing Dutch things in international books! Read more

International Bookworms: Favourite Local Publishers

Our second International Bookworms prompt is all about local publishers! We probably all know the big US/UK publishers like Harper Collins, Pinguin and Bloomsbury, but what do we know about publishers in other countries? Well, I don’t know very much about them. In all honesty, I don’t even know all publishers in the Netherlands! I have three favourite local publishers and, of course, I’ll be talking about them today.
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International Bookworms: To Be Translated

Welcome, welcome, welcome! As you may (or may not) know, I’ve created a brand new book blogger meme called International Bookworms. The meme was created to promote and support international book bloggers! There will be a new theme/prompt every two weeks and more info can be found on the meme’s page. The first prompt is all about the (English) books we wished would be translated to our own language. If you want to link up your own post, you can do so at the bottom!
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