Bookish Naughty or Nice Tag

I was tagged to do the bookish Naughy or Nice Tag! Am I on the naughty list this year? Or have I been nice enough to receive a present? Read and find out!

When Emily @ AlwaysOpinionatedGirl asked on Twitter if anyone would like to be tagged in a Christmassy book tag, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity! I haven’t done a tag in a while and I have less Christmassy posts scheduled than I’d like to, so this is a nice addition to what I’ve already lined up for you guys. Anyway, this is a bookish Naughty or Nice tag, and I can’t wait to answer the questions! Read more

I Am Drowning In My TBR Pile Tag

Contrary to what the title of this post might make you believe, I’m actually not drowning in my TBR pile. Yeah, yeah, okay, I hear your gasps and shocks and… Oh please don’t pass out! My TBR isn’t all that big, not compared to most bookish people in the community, anyway. My TBR is more like a kiddy pool. I’m not very tall, but I wouldn’t drown in there! Anyway, Lara @ Words With Lara tagged me to do this, and I happily oblige! Read more

Autumn Book Tag

Hi everybody! I hope you enjoyed the first week of my Autumn-ish posts last week. I had so much fun putting together all these posts and I’m going to keep publishing every Monday through Friday for the rest of the month. Tags are one of my favourite things to do, so I thought ‘If there’s no Autumn tag yet, I’ll create it myself!’ I didn’t have to, though, because I found this super fun Autumn Book Tag and I’ll be answering all the questions. Read more

I Messed Up Book Tag

Oh, my goodness, you guys! I found the perfect tag! Unfortunately I have no idea who originally created this and I wasn’t tagged myself so I don’t have anyone to link back to, but I came across this one day and I just knew I had to do it. I mess up a lot when it comes to reading books. Reading English as a Dutchie is no big deal for me these days, but so many things can go “wrong” when translating or pronouncing words! I thought it’d be funny to answer the questions from the I Messed Up Tag, so here we go! Read more

Bookish “This or That” Tag!

Laurie at Laurie’s Bookshelf tagged me in this Dutch bookish “This or That” tag and I’m so excited because these questions are so much fun! Since most of you don’t read Dutch (I envy you! Dutch sucks, hehe!), I translated the questions to English before I answer them. Have you ever wondered whether I prefer hardbacks or paperbacks? Or where I’d rather spend my time reading? Find out in this post!
Read more

The Sunshine Blogger Award

I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award! Thanks so much to Jenny @ Jenny in Neverland for nominating me in her post, it honestly means the world to me! She’s is wonderful and I love how she used her post to promote smaller bloggers. These tag posts are usually for small and newbie bloggers to connect and I love that! I’ve actually met a lovely bunch of new people through Jenny’s post and I hope to connect some bloggers as well! Anyway, Jenny has asked me five questions, which I answered. Finally, I put down some of my own questions and nominated a bunch of you who tweeted me their blog links. Happy reading! Read more

The Liebster Award

I was tagged to do the Liebster Award! I answered questions about my perfect day, my favourite drinks and snacks, my favourite book ending and more!On a sidenote: the photo has nothing to do with the post!

I was tagged to do the Liebster Award by Em from Em’s Corner! (Thank you so much!!!) I hadn’t heard of it before, but it’s such a lovely thing! Basically, it’s an award for bloggers, from bloggers. It’s a way to find new blogs! I’ve been giving ten questions to answer, and at the end of the post I’ll pass it on to some other bloggers with ten new questions! Read more

30 Bookish Facts

30 Bookish FactsI don’t usually write a post without having it in my drafts for a week, have it on pending for another two or so, and then have it scheduled for like a month… But for this post, I gladly make the exception! It’s not really a tag (or at least I don’t think it is!) Okay, so, basically, Cait from Paper Fury (who has an amazing blog you should really check out!) came up with these 30 bookish questions. I actually found it on Zoe’s blog Readabilitea (which is such a fun name!) while blog hopping yesterday. Enough with the rambling, time for the questions! Read more

Video: The Ruler of Books Tag

I made my first video! Well, actually it’s not my first, but it’s my first bookish video for Books & Babbles! The Ruler of Books Tag was simply too exciting to write in a blog post, and I had some time to make a video! I’ve put all the information I mentioned in the video down below! I looked up the cover artists, links to Goodreads for the books I mentioned, etc! I hope you like the video! Read more