August ’17 TBR

Holy moly, you guys! It’s AUGUST! I’m seriously freaked out. Where has time gone!? Anyway, I’m glad because I really don’t like summer and I just can’t wait for the cold to return so I can wrap myself in a blanket and sip hot tea while reading a good book. I’m getting ahead of myself here, oops! Want to know what I plan on reading this August? Check out my TBR! It’s a little ambitious, but I’m going to try my very best.

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June ’17 Wrap Up

Better late than never, my June wrap up is finally here! I’ve read much, much more than just what’s in this photo, because I went on holiday and read mostly ebooks for two weeks. I felt like I didn’t read that much at all last month, but looking back (and writing + editing this review) I’m actually overwhelmed! Oh my goodness, I’ve read so many books in June! I didn’t get to much of my June TBR, but that’s okay. I read the books I felt like reading and it was absolutely wonderful.
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June ’17 TBR

June is upon us! Ahh, the year is going by so quickly! I remember writing my May TBR like I did it only yesterday! I’m going on holiday this month, so I’ll be reading lots and lots of books! I’m finally picking up the next Harry Potter book and I’ll be reading some contemporaries during my holiday! Want to know what else is on my TBR? It’s all in this post!

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May ’17 Wrap Up

Woah, it’s the last day of May! (Hey, that rimes!) I cannot believe the month has flown by so fast. I had a lot of free time, so obviously I read quite a lot! I read three massive Shadowhunter books (include the new Lord of Shadows!) and of course I read Sarah J. Maas’ ACOWAR! Read more about the books I read this May down below!
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The books I'll be reading this month add up to a total of about 3000 pages! Want to know what's on my May TBR? Read my post and find out!Oh my goodness, it has been for-e-ver since I’ve done a TBR! That was mostly because over the last few months, I didn’t really plan ahead my reading and I just picked up whatever I bought or took from my internship office. But now internship is over (I’M NOT CRYING. YOU’RE CRYING!) and my deadlines are super close which means I’ll be done with college in a week. It’s time to start my monthly TBRs again!

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November Wrap Up

November Wrap UpOh my gosh! It has been forever since I posted anything! I did write some things, but my schedule keeps moving up and it’s never really working out. I’m going the best I can to go back to my regular schedule, but taking photos has been such a challenge that I keep rescheduling… After some proper rest after a busy weekend at the Best of YA Sleepover, it’s my first priority. Anyway, I’ve finally managed to free some time to read!
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September Wrap Up

September wrap upWell… This is probably the most difficult and weird-ish wrap up ever. Let me tell you a story: when I started doing wrap ups, I used to start the wrap up post as soon as I finished the first book of the month. Then the rollercoaster called “life” happened and I’ve barely done anything for the blog. I didn’t even know what books I read this month without checking Goodreads… Yeah, it’s that bad. Aaaanyway, here’s the books I read in September! Spoiler alert: It’s very different from my September TBR and it’s probably the least I’ve read since I started blogging in May. Read more

September TBR

September TBRI’m sorry I’m so late with my TBR! Like I said yesterday. (or did I only say it in my Instagram post today?) life is pretty crazy, so blogging wasn’t really a priority. I was quite literally in shock when I typed “September TBR” in the title bar. September!? Already?! I started book blogging in January and started my book-only blog in May. Time goes so fast! September is going to be a pretty great reading month, even though I’ll be busy with work and college. I ordered a bunch of books last month that I’ll be getting and reading in September, plus there’s a really exciting release that I’ve preordered! Read more

August Wrap Up

I'm kind of really late with my August wrap up this month, but here it is anyway! I read lots of amazing books like A Court of Mist & Fury!I know, I know… I’m super late this month! My life has been kiiiiiinda crazy and I couldn’t find the time to publish this. But I’m actually amazed by how much I managed to read in August! Internship started halfway through the month, and I went back to college last week. I thought I had like no time to read at all (and I kind of don’t) but I still managed to read a whole lot! I read mostly during the weekend and I manage to finish a book a day sometimes. I read a whole lot of wonderful books!
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