March ’18 TBR

OMG. Guys, I seriously don’t know how to make a TBR anymore. Like, how many books can I read in a month? Do I have any unread books on my shelf? Is there anything I need to read for my blog? Do I alternate between reading on my iPad and reading a physical book? I usually always knew what I was going to read next, but now…. It was actually difficult to put together a TBR! Read more

February ’18 Wrap Up

I didn’t do a wrap up in January because I barely read anything and I was in a huge slump. Then I decided to combine it with my February wrap up but I read so much in February that I took it out again! Basically, it’s been a bit weird these past few weeks, hehe. I’m glad to say the amazing books I read this month got my out a reading (and blogging) slump, and I hope everything goes according to plan and I can continue my regular blogging schedule! Anyway, here’s what I’ve read in February. Read more

January ’18 TBR

Aahhh, it’s the first TBR of 2018! I also think it’s my very first January TBR ever, as I was on an hiatus this time last year. My goal is to read 75 books in 2018, and I want to start the year with a bang! There’s much more to my TBR pile than just the books in the photo, because I have quite a few eBooks lined up for this month. Half of my TBR are rereads, and I’m actually quite excited about that! Anyway, here’s what I’ll be reading in January.

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December ’17 Wrap Up

We’re less than an hour away from 2018, so I’m really cutting it close with my wrap up, but I just finished my 100th and final book of the year and I just had to include it in today’s wrap up! Can you even believe it’s the last one of the year? Because I certainly can’t! I doesn’t feel as if we’re about to go into 2018… I’ve (re)read a lot of wonderful books this month and it was a real challenge to finish my Goodreads Challenge, but I managed to finish it! On New Year’s Eve, no less! Anyway, here’s what I read in December. Read more

December ’17 TBR

The end of the year is near! I actually cannot believe it’s December. The year went by so quickly! I’m eight books away from finishing my Reading Challenge, and it’s actually going to be a challenge this year! Usually, I’d finished my Reading Challenge already, but I changed my goal twice this year. I’m actually really happy about it! Anyway, I still have ten books to read, so here’s what I’ll be reading in December.

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November ’17 Wrap Up

November was a crazy month for me. It was mine and my mom’s birthdays, I had to take care of lots of important things and blogging didn’t really work out for me. I also read quite a few books I just didn’t like at all. It put me in a reading slump and because of it, I even ended up DNF’ing a book! If you’ve been following me for a while, you that’s almost more rare than spotting a unicorn. Almost. Anyway, I’m actually a bit shocked about how much I’ve still managed to read this month! Read more

November ’17 TBR

Guys, I’m getting there! The “end” of my physical TBR is in sight! Seriously, though, there are only six books on my TBR this month. SIX. I’m hosting the re-read-a-thon this month (more on that later!), for which I’ll have a separate TBR. Other than that, I have nothing. I don’t mean I have no books! I just mean to say that once I’ve gotten through these last six books, I’ll pick up whatever I want and not have a TBR for once. I guess it’ll depend on what I manage to read during the readathon.

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October ’17 Wrap Up

Whew, I did it again! (Or should I say Oops? hehe…) I read so many books this month I can barely believe I actually did read them this month and not… last year, ha! I’m a bit early with this month’s wrap up as I have a blog wrap up scheduled for tomorrow, but as I’m not planning on reading much today, you won’t miss much. This month I read physical books, eBooks AND audiobooks, which is probably the reason I managed to read eleven books this month. So, without further ado; here’s my October Wrap Up!
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October & Autumn ’17 TBR

Last month I read and listened to 14 books and I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. It’s so crazy! Since I was on such a roll on terms of reading, my October TBR was waaaayyyy too ambitious. I still wanted to keep lots of books on there, because last month I didn’t have enough and I think that might’ve ‘helped’ me get into a slump. I decided to make this more of an Autumn TBR, since October is all about Autumn on my blog! Anyway, here’s all the books I plan to read. Read more

September ’17 Wrap Up

I read and listened to fifteen books this September! Want to know which books I read? Check out my enormous September '17 wrap up.

I decided to do something about my never ending physical TBR this month, and ended up reading a whole lot of books! I’m finally seeing an ending, so that’s wonderful! I hate having lots of unread books and I couldn’t really afford any new ones, so this month was quite perfect, really! I couldn’t pick up any of my anticipated releases, which is a little sad, but fine. Anyway, let’s have a lot at all the books I’ve read this month!
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