YA Genres 101: Other

In this last part of my YA Genres 101 series, I discuss the remaining genres of YA: Historical & Mystery/Thriller + I talk about Middle Grade for a bit.

I’ve discussed Fantasy, Science Fiction and Contemporary, and in this last past part of my YA Genres 101 series, I’ll go over the remaining genres! Historical and Mystery/Thriller are genres you don’t see often in YA, but it exists! I’m also discussing Middle Grade, even though it’s technically not YA. More on that in this post! Read more

YA Genres 101: Contemporary

After discussing YA in general, Fantasy and Science Fiction, my YA Genres 101 series continues with the Contemporary genre! We’ve discussed YA in general, Fantasy and Science Fiction. Now it’s time for part four in my YA Genres 101 series, which is all about contemporary! I have to admit I haven’t read that many contemporary novels. The photo speaks for itself, the only contemporaries I’ve read are written by John Green. I have maybe one or two others on my shelf, but that’s it! I’ve grown quite interested in Contemporary, so let’s dive straight into this post! Read more

Young Adult Genres 101

I've started my first blog series! Over the next few weeks, I'll be talking about genres in YA! Today's question: What is YA? Although I’ve been a pretty decent reader all my life, my love for books didn’t start until about 1.5 years ago. Since I’ve started writing on Books & Babbles, my interest in anything book related has only grown. But I’ve never understood genres. Not in music, or movies, and especially not in books. What makes a book Fantasy? Or Science Fiction? I did some research, and over the next four weeks, I’ll be taking you through the different genres of YA in my first blog series: YA Genres 101! Read more