International Bookworms Meme

International Bookworms is a meme created by and for international bookish people. Every two weeks on Saturday, we’ll all make content around a certain prompt, which can all be found on this page. Of course, all the prompts are focused on International bookish people. Every prompt will have a linkup post to share your own content and read/comment on others. It’s all about promoting and supporting International bloggers, of course!

The Prompts

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to using these prompts to create your content. Want to make a list? Go for it! Would you rather write a fun blog post? Please, do! Are you a Booktuber? Feel free to make a fun video! As long as the central theme in content is that day’s prompt, you can link it up.

March 31: Life of an International Book Blogger. (What is it like to be an international book blogger? What’s publishing like in your country? Is it easy to get English books? Are they expensive? Etc.)

April 14: Dream Library (What’s your dream library like? What can you do? What do they offer? Physical? Digital? Etc.). Credit to Fanna @ Fannatality for this one!

April 28: Bookish Road Trip (Where would you go on your bookish road trip? Would you visit fictional worlds? Cities you read about? Would you visit any international bookworm friends?)

Since this is a brand new meme, the first few months will probably be a bit of a trial and error stage! It might still change a bit when I’ve figured out what does and doesn’t work, and of course I’d love to hear your thoughts! You can always get in touch through my contact form or message me on Twitter. If you have any suggestions for prompts, please send them my way!