Flame in the Mist by Renée Ahdieh

An “action-packed YA adventure set against the backdrop of Jeufal Japan“?! Sign me up! I’ve heard some great things about Renée Ahdieh, so when Flame in the Mist was available on Netgalley, I could not pass up the opportunity. I never got anything off Netgalley before, so I imagine my surprise when I got the email telling me I got access to the title! A huuuuuuge thank you to Pinguin for providing me with an eARC. This book releases May 16th, so make sure to preorder or pick up a copy!

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A Court of Mist & Fury by Sarah J. Maas

The day has FINALLY come! Ahh, you guys… I wrote this review for A Court of Mist & Fury in August (nine freaking months ago!) and never published it. I’ve read both ACOTAR and ACOMAF twice now and I’m in the middle of ACOWAR!  I. Am. Obsessed. I got a tote bag and art print of the “Stars who listen” quote and I even made a Night Court button at YALFest NL. Yeah, I’m obsessed. Anyway, here’s what I think of the masterpiece that’s called A Court of Mist & Fury!

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The books I'll be reading this month add up to a total of about 3000 pages! Want to know what's on my May TBR? Read my post and find out!Oh my goodness, it has been for-e-ver since I’ve done a TBR! That was mostly because over the last few months, I didn’t really plan ahead my reading and I just picked up whatever I bought or took from my internship office. But now internship is over (I’M NOT CRYING. YOU’RE CRYING!) and my deadlines are super close which means I’ll be done with college in a week. It’s time to start my monthly TBRs again!

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It’s my One Year Blogiversary!

Holy moly! It’s my one year blogiversary! I know I haven’t been very active lately, but I was focusing on my internship and graduating. My exam deadlines are next week, but I scheduled some blogging time so could put up this post. A lot of amazing things have happend in the past year, so I’ll be sharing some of my favourite blog posts as well as looking forward to things to come. Finally, I’m hosting a giveaway to celebrate my one year anniversary! It’s super fun, so don’t forget to check it out. Read more

FairyLoot January ’17: Mystery & Mischief

AAHHH! Can you guys believe I finally got my first FairyLoot book box?! When the January box ‘Mystery & Mischief’ was announced, I was beyond excited. I was about 99% sure about the book that would be in it and although it cost me quite some money (about € 45 to be exact…), I ordered it pretty much straight away. It was so worth the wait and the money because this box is absolutely amazing. Spoiler warning: This post contains all that was in the ‘Mystery & Mischief’ box!

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The Books & Babbles 2017 Reading Challenge

This year, I set my Goodreads Reading Challenge to 50 books, but I want to take it a little bit futher1It’s a brand new year, which means it’s time for a brand new reading challenge! Over the past two years, I did the challenge on Goodreads. This year, I’m taking it a bit further. I created a reading challenge to help myself read more than what I usually read. My reading challenge has seven categories andIf you’d like to join, or do a similar reading challenge, please do! Here’s my 2017 reading challenge. Read more

Caraval by Stephanie Garber

Caraval by Stephanie GarberIt’s not often that I actually pay money to read a Dutch book. In fact, the last time I remember buying a Dutch book, it was for a signing. Before that? I don’t even know… Anyway, everyone was excited about Caraval by Stephanie Garber, I was considering reading it in Dutch. I went to my favourite bookshop and I just couldn’t leave without it! And so I bought Het zwarte hart. It’s absolutely wonderful! To all those international bookworms who can’t read it yet: It”s worth the wait! Here’s what I think of Caraval. Read more

Behind the Books: December ’16

This is my very last Behind the Books post for 2016! How crazy is that? In December's BtB, I talk about the blog, my life and my current reads!Whew, how is it December already?! January feels like only yesterday… Anyway, I am so sorry I didn’t do a Behind the Books posts for November! I wasn’t really blogging at all and decided to focus on planning and preparations instead of rushing to get things published. There are so many fun things coming up! I really needed this kind of break to think about things. But enough for now, here’s what I’ve been up to the past month or so!
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Top Ten Tuesday: Books in The First Half of 2017

I'm so excited about 2017! There's going to be lots of new books that I'm looking forward to. In this week's Top Ten Tuesday, I talk about eight of them.I am beyond excited for 2017! Especially now The Broke & The Bookish has a new Top Ten Tuesday topic that’s all about books we’re looking forward to in the first half of 2017! I’m not sure if all the titles in my list are all coming out in the first half of next year, but I’m excited about them nonetheless! There’s lots of sequels, but also a few brand new titles.
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Celebrate Books November ’16: Read Like A Royal

The theme of the Celebrate Books box for November 2016 was 'Read Like A Royal'! Here's my unboxing and my opinion on all the amazing items in the box!I’ve been wanting to get a book box for literally ages, and I finally got my first one yesterday! I was so incredibly excited I forgot to take off my coat before unboxing it… Oops! The theme for the very first English Celebrate Books box is ‘Read Like A Royal.’ Since I’m absolutely obsessed with royalty in YA, of course I had to get it! This box was definitely worth the wait and the money. I’m so happy with everything that I got and I cannot wait to share it with you! Spoiler alert: This post contains all that was in the ‘Read Like A Royal’ box!
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