Review Policy

I’d love to review your book! Information on how to request a review can be found below. For further questions or a request, please use the contact form. I’m currently not accepting review requests.

What to expect

I have a standard format for all my book reviews. They include a citation from the book, my review and rating. They also include the blurb from the book taken from the publisher’s website or Goodreads and image of the cover. I will like to the publisher’s website, Goodreads and Book Depository. My reviews will be posted on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Goodreads.

Rating System

My rating system goes from 1 to 5, like on Goodreads. I’m always honest in my reviews, but I barely ever rate below 3 and I’ve never stopped reading a book before I finished it. I’m always 100% honest in my reviews, whether that’s positive or negative.

♡ Did not like the book, would not recommend it.
♡♡ The book was okay, will probably not recommend.
♡♡♡ I enjoyed reading this book, would recommend it.
♡♡♡♡ I really liked the book, would definitely recommend it.
♡♡♡♡♡ I loved the book, will definitely be talking about this one.


I will only accept review request for Young Adult books. Fantasy and Science Fiction are my most preferred genres, but I’m open to about anything. Just send me a message telling me what your book is about and I’ll tell you if I’m interested or not.


A physical ARC or finished paperback/hardcover is preferred. Please, keep in mind that Books & Babbles is based in The Netherlands. Shipping a physical book could be difficult, so I do accept ebooks.

Timeframes and deadlines

Due to a busy schedule, I cannot guarantee I can review your book within a specific timeframe or before a certain deadline. I do really try my best to publish my reviews as soon as possible.


If you request a review for a book in a series (or duology or trilogy), make sure to either send me the previous books or part one of the series. I will not read/review your book if I haven’t read the rest of the series.