Book Babble: Why I Don’t DNF Books

DNF: Did Not Finish. Do you ever read a book that you dislike so much that you want to put it away? Do you actually put it away. or do you keep going?DNF: Did Not Finish.¬†| Some people never DNF a book in their life, others DNF more than they complete. Some people review their DNFs, others think it’s unfair. Basically, lots of people have lots of different opinions about not finishing books! In my new Book Babble (aka bookish discussion) I share my thoughts and opinions on DNF’ing books. Read more

August TBR

I have a never ending TBR, but here are the six book I'm planning on reading in August! I'm being pretty ambitious, but I usually surprise myself!This is probably the longest monthly TBR ever! I’ve got so many unread books on my shelf and I have another month of my Scribd subscription left, so I plan on reading lots this month! I have two weeks left before I start my internship about a month before I go back to college. I’ll probably be busy then, but I’m excited to have some reading to get home to at the end of the day! So now, without further ado; here’s my August TBR! Read more

Book Babble: Movie Adaptations

Movie adaptations; sometimes I love 'em, sometimes I hate 'em. Want to know what I really think? Let's discuss some books and movies!There was a time when the only books I read were those from the movies I watched. ¬†Since last year, I’ve been reading books that haven’t been turned into movies and I love them so much more! Movie adaptations intrigue me. Sometimes they’re amazing, sometimes they’re not. But people’s opinions on those movies are what’s most interesting to me. Read more

Book Babble: Why I Don’t Read Dutch

Book Babble: my words for what others might call a discussion! Today I want to talk about why I read in English instead of Dutch. Book Babble: my words for what others might call a discussion. In my first Behind The Books post, I talked about how I “stopped” reading Dutch books and switched to English. Being a Dutch book blogger in the Netherlands who only reads English can be quite complicated, but it’s all worth it! I do occasionally pick up a Dutch book, but it’s quite rare! Today I want to talk about why I don’t read Dutch.  Read more