An Original Bookish Gift Guide

Oh my goodness, you guys! Christmas is so close! I mean, it’s a little over two weeks until Christmas and it’s time to start thinking of gifts. Most of you will probably have done your Christmas shopping already, bu if you’re still thinking of what to give your bookish friends and family, this guide is for you! I’ve lined up some of the most original bookish gifts that are both fun to give and get! Forget the bookish candles and bookmarks, here’s my original bookish gift guide.

Create Your Own Book Box

Book boxes from companies like Fairyloot and Owlcrate can be quite expensive, especially when you have to pay for shipping (and possibly import, yikes!) Why not create your own box? Take a book your friend hasn’t read yet (maybe your favourite?) and add bookish items like a candle, bookmarks, Funko Pop, bookish print… You name it! Finish it off with some package materials (like the purple thingies Fairyloot adds!) and a content card or letter. Taaadaaa! Your own, custom book box. Your friend or family member will LOVE this.

Book Sleeves

This is probably not the most original gift idea, but I feel like it’s quite an upcoming product! They’re super convenient and keep your books safe while travelling. You can now put your book in your bag without having to worry about damaging it. The fun thing about book sleeves is that they are available in different sizes, with different patterns and from a bunch of different sellers. Are you handy with fabrics and a sewing machine? Make one yourself! It’ll definitely give you bonus points for originality. Also, if you also want to give a book, just put it in the sleeve and wrap it up!

Reading Care Package

Bookworms love to sit down somewhere comfy and read aaaaaallllll day long. Know what would make that better? Snacks and beverages! You can fill a basket, serving plate or bag with your bookworm’s favourite things. Need some suggestions? Tea, (instant) coffee and hot chocolate is always wonderful. Did you know you can get blocks of chocolate on a stick to melt in milk? That would look so cute in a package! Snack-wise, it might be a good idea to investigate into what your loved one likes best. My favourite reading snacks are cookies and chocolate! Of course, you could always bake your own cookies… yum!

Bookish Art Prints

Before you rush off to Society6 or Redbubble, wait untill you’ve read this, okay? Lots of designers create designs you can print on all kinds of products. But why go for a print with a “standard” book quote? Why not commission an artist to create something specially made for you (or, actually, your bookworm)? Get the illustration/design printed, frame it, wrap it and give it to your friend or family member! If you’re artsy fartsy yourself, why not try and create something instead of commissioning it?

An Annotated Book

This might sound a bit weird, and not everyone likes writing in books, but this present can be a lot of fun! First of all; you don’t have to write in a book, you can use sticky notes! Second; this is a wonderful way to introduce a friend or family member to your favourite book. Just pick up the book you’d like to give to someone (preferably your own copy so you can give away a new one), a bunch of sticky notes and a pen. Then sit down to read the book and annotate! Like something? Put it on a sticky note! Loved a quote? Write it down! Confused about something? Write that the person reading your annotated book calls or texts you to discuss it! Did something make you sad? Well, you get it now, right? Write it down! When you’re done, pick up a new copy of the book and transfer your notes into it! Finally, wrap it up and give it to your loved one. Bonus points if the book is in a genre they like!

There you have it; five fun and original bookish gifts you can customise in any way you like! They’re not only super fun to create and give, but also a lot of fun to get! So, if you don’t know what to get your loved one, I hope I’ve helped you along somehow! Of course you could also point your friend of family to this post if they’re clueless about what to give you this Christmas.

Do you have any bookish gift ideas? Are you going to use any of mine? Let me know in comments!