International Bookworms: Favourite Local Publishers

Our second International Bookworms prompt is all about local publishers! We probably all know the big US/UK publishers like Harper Collins, Pinguin and Bloomsbury, but what do we know about publishers in other countries? Well, I don’t know very much about them. In all honesty, I don’t even know all publishers in the Netherlands! I have three favourite local publishers and, of course, I’ll be talking about them today.

Favourite Local Publishers. (What’s your favourite publisher in your country? If you were to buy a book in your own language/region, what publisher would it be from?)

Best of YA

Best of YA is an imprint of Uitgeverij Unieboek | Het Spectrum and I simply cannot start this post without mentioning them first. I did a marketing internship with them in my final year of college and I just had the best time! Most Dutch books on my shelf are published by them and I’m genuinely excited about everything they publish. When they have a new book out, I’ll certainly go have a look at it at my favourite bookshop, just to see how looks! They’ve published Twilight, The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Selection and so many more! More recent releases are Carve The Mark, The Valiant and Warcross.

Blossom Books

I feel like Blossom Books really stands out as a Dutch publisher. They usually publish their books in hardback before they print paperbacks and their books are beautiful! They’ve published all the Grisha books by Leigh Bardugo, the Shatter Me trilogy, The 100 books, The Lunar Chronicles and many more! You might also know them from Spread The Booklove, which is their shop for bookish products like mugs, stationary, home decor, (tote) bags and even shirts. Their “Book Money Jars” are my absolute favourite thing!

Young & Awesome

Y&A is a fairly new imprint of Uitgeverij Leopold. They sold their first books and products in October 2016 and I always got so excited when I saw their displays in stores! Back then, they had one display with four books and their bookish products like pens, tote bags, a reading journal and even socks! Yes, SOCKS! I guess you could say they’re a bit like Blossom Books, except smaller? What I love about them is how they include free eBooks with their paperbacks! It’s honestly the main reason why I love Y&A so much because it’s super convenient! They haven’t published a lot of books (yet) and I feel like they publish the “lesser known” books? They’ve published The Jewel by Amy Ewing (with a physical novella of The House of Stone!) and Ink by Alice Broadway. And more, of course! But I don’t know their English titles, oops!

What’s your favourite (local) publisher?