International Bookworms: Dream Library

I’ve been excited about this week’s International Bookworms prompt for what feels like ages, oh my goodness! I didn’t actually think of it myself, because Fanna @ Fannatality suggested this one! I never go to the library because they’re actually really expensive and they don’t have English books anyway (plus I like to actually own my books without having to return them, hehe!) Anyway, libraries ARE exciting and today is all about dream libraries. I hope you guys will have fun with this prompt, here’s mine!

Dream Library (What’s your dream library like? What can you do? What do they offer? Physical? Digital? Etc.)

Since we’re talking about dream libraries, why not turn this post into an actual dream?

I walk into the library and make my way to the huge YA section. There’s book case full of new, featured and noteworthy books. I continue browsing the shelves in the YA section and it could easily take up hours, if not days of my time (since it’s so big!). The YA section is divided into different languages. There’s books in Dutch and English, but even German and French, for the teens who”re learning the languages in high school and anyone else who’d like to read in the language. As I finally choose some books to borrow and make my way to the desk to check them out, I think of how lucky I am that libraries are free. I also take a mental note to check out the online catalogue for a new audiobook (since I’m almost finished with my current one) and to look at some new eBooks for my holiday.

When I’m done checking out my books, I make my way to the library cafe, where I have a look at the menu full of nice drinks and yummy snacks. I could even have lunch if I wanted! I find a nice, comfortable reading chair and order a latte and a chocolate chip cookie. While I wait for my order, I start reading in one of my new borrowed books. Around me, other people are quietly chatting or reading their books. A group of teens is making homework while they enjoy a cup of tea.  Once I finish my drink and my chapter, I walk out. Near the exit is a poster with the event schedule. They’re having a book club meeting in the cafe later!

I find a quiet workspace in the library to work on my blog. There are different kind of workspaces. Desks with computers, big tables for groups to study/meet on. There are conference and meeting rooms, and all throughout the library there’s little cubicles for one or two people to sit and do their work. Since I brought my laptop, I take it out and start typing away for a few hours!

What’s your dream library like?