International Bookworms: Change of Scenery

Hey guys, I hope you don’t mind I was a liiiiittle bit late announcing the upcoming prompts for the International Bookworms meme! It’s been a real struggle coming up with ideas lately and I have to admit I lost my excitement about it for a little while. There’s an announcement about that at the bottom of this post, so please take some time to read it! Anyway, today’s prompt is “Change of Scenery”. Imagine your favourite book, except it’s set in your own country or area! How cool would that be? I’ve taken a few books and “changed” their setting to the Netherlands. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Change of Scenery (Take your favourite books(s) and change their setting to your own country!)

Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling

Okay, so I’m not really changing the setting for this one, but I do have something fun to share! About two years ago, I got a photography assignment in college, which I turned into a blog post! You can this Bookish Photography post here. I basically took some quotes from the book, thought of places and things that “show” this quote and visited the location to snap a shot! This is still one of my favourite posts ever because it showed me that the boring place I live in doesn’t have to be boring at all!

The Orphan Queen Duology by Jodi Meadows

The Orphan Queen & The Mirror King are two of my all-time favourite books, and I couldn’t just not change their setting! There are a bunch of castles in the story, and there’s actually a small “castle” not too far away from where I live. In my final year of primary school, we actually did this “dropping”* at night where we walked through the countryside to this castle and we had a campfire there. It was incredible. It wasn’t as spectacular as I imagine the castles in these books are, but it’ll work, right? Another important part of The Orphan Queen is the Wraithland. This is such a difficult thing to “change” because, I mean, it’s WRAITHland. That doesn’t actually exist. Then I thought of the Drowned Land of Saefthinghe. That’s totally not wraithland, obviously. But it’s the same as in “nothing can live there and you probably shouldn’t take your horse out for a ride.” Right? Finally, there’s this huge bridge they have to cross at the end-ish of The Mirror King. First, I thought of the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam, but that didn’t make a lot of sense to me as it’s in the centre of the city. There’s this other huge bridge called the Moerdijkbrug which I have to cross to even get to the city, and I felt like it was a good “replacement” for that huge bridge in the story.

* For those unfamiliar with a “dropping”:  You’re basically being blindfolded and “dropped off” on some location you don’t know. Then you get all these clues to lead you to some other place (usually back to where you came from, but it could be anywhere.) It’s a game you usually “play” with a group of people and it’s done during both day and night. It’s super fun! (Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a good English website to explain it fully!)

Geekerella by Ashley Poston

Even though this is a contemporary, it was actually the most difficult one to change! I mean, Elle could pretty much live in any city and have any kind of job in any kind of store. I just don’t think she’d work in a food truck because we do have food truck festivals but I personally don’t think I know a single food truck thing? I think I’d change the setting of ExcelsiCon to Dutch Comic-Con in Rotterdam since that makes the most sense to me. Maybe she’ll live in my area because she needs to make this long journey and it takes me like two hours to get to any of the big cities like Rotterdam. I don’t think we really have fancy clubs to join, but there’s a golf course not too far from that could work as a replacement? As for the set Darian shoots Starfield on and the set of Hello, America, those should probably be in Hilversum. There’s the Mediapark there where they shoot all the Dutch television shows! (I don’t think they shoot movies, but I literally have no idea where in my country they shoot those… ha!)


I’m a bit sad to tell you guys, but as you might have read on the International Bookworms page, I’m discontinuing the meme. I’ve had so much fun doing this in the past five months, and I’ll still be doing it until the end of June, but I’m done for now. I’ve struggled so much with coming up with good prompts, promoting the thing so people would participate, putting in all the work necessary to make it awesome, but at this point, it’s not worth the struggle. I’m to grateful for everyone who’s ever done a prompt with me, who linked up every week and who was even the slightest bit excited about this little project of mine. I don’t think I’ll end it permanently. Maybe I’ll pick it up again someday. I’m going back to college in September, and I want most of my attention focused on my education. If I have to stress about living up to people’s expectations with the International Bookworms meme, that’s not going to work. I’m truly sorry for those of you who looked forward to this everytime, but I’m closing this chapter for now. I hope you can understand. 🖤

If you couold change the setting of any book to your country, which book would you choose? Also, what do you think of my descision to stop the meme. Will you be sad to see it go?