About the Blog

Books & Babbles is all about books! Young Adult books, that is. If you’re bookworm interested in everything YA and Fantasy, you’re definitely in the right place! My love for books and my constant need to talk about them were the inspiration I needed to create my book blog. 

YA Fantasy is one of the main genres reviewed on Books & Babbles, so if you’re into that as much as I am, I hope you’ll feel right at home. Next to reviews, there will be tags, playlists, TBRs, Wrap Ups and sometimes I make videos! I usually post on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays! 

I hope you enjoy reading my posts and maybe find a few new gems for your TBR!

About Me

My name is Ayla and I’m a twenty-one-year-old bookworm from the Netherlands. I’ve run quite a few blogs over the past few years, but it was only about three years ago I decided I wanted to take it all more seriously. I started a personal/lifestyle blog and after a few months, I realised books and reviews were taking over. Meanwhile, I had many new and different ideas for that blog and wanted to have a little online space to share my love for books and so Books & Babbles was created!

Next to reading I also really enjoy listening to music. I like lots of different genres, but my Spotify Starred list is always up to date with my current favourites. I’m also a huge TV fanatic, if I’m not reading or writing, you’ll probably find me watching a TV or playing video games. 

If you ever want to fangirl about books, music or TV (or anything else for that matter), get in touch!

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